I'm Jasmin, and I love sports.

There. I've said it. Admission is the first step to recovery, yes?

I've created this little space so I can let go of all the sport talk that is crammed into my brain. Most of my close friends don't care about sports the way that I do.

Have you ever skipped work for a game? I have. Have you ever bailed early from a party to watch sports? I have. Have you ever planned an entire vacation around a particular event? I have. Have you ever been told at every single live game that you've attended that you cheer too loudly? I have.

I've been a season ticket holder, I've sat with players families, I've been to the locker room after a team won an NBA title, I've been in sky boxes, and on the 50 yard-line. I've thrown a few elbows, tripped up the stairs to my nosebleed seats, tailgated in parking lots and gotten lost in parking garages.

I hope to use this space to articulate my feelings and opinions on the NFL, Tennis, NCAAF, and everything in between.

Ground Rules/Basics
I will never pull for the Patriots, USC, OU, Arsenal, Man U, Tomas Berdych, Justine Henin, The Spurs, the Lakers or the Tennessee Titans.

I never pull against the Texas Longhorns, Rafael Nadal, the Texans, the Rockets, Chelsea, the Williams Sisters, or Argentina (unless they play the USA).

I love what I love, and I vehemently dislike what I dislike. I don't have an in-between. I invite you to take this ride with me. But I'm not responsible for the condition of your seat belt.

I look forward to some great conversations! Welcome aboard. =)