April - #SunsOutGunsOut

  April 2013 - Month 1 : Back In The Habit










12 min routine


Sparty Party





Spartacus Body Weight Revolution
3 Rounds, 30/30 + 3min Finisher


Spartacus Belly Crusher

20min, 4 rounds, 30/30


Assistance Work

5-10 min of cardio


Spartacus Sweat Storm

20min, 5 rounds, 45/15
90sec Finisher


Spartacus Gladiator Gauntlet

20min, 5 rounds




Spartacus Triple Set Scorcher

30min, 4 rounds, 40/20
2min Finisher


Assistance Work

5-10 min of cardio


Spartacus 30min Total Body Blitz
3 rounds, 20/40 
5min Finisher


Spartacus Ab Attack

3 rounds, 40/40
4min Finisher





12 min routine



Assistance Work

5-10 min of cardio

March produced some muscle gains, so I'd say it was a success! What I learned from Project #Relentless is that maintenance is easier than I thought. Wait, did I really just say that? Yes, yes I did. Moderation, sweat, and will power kept me from gaining weight. The question is how do I get back to LOSING weight?

I've spent the first half of April in a forced diet break. No sleep on top of an elbow injury have made me take a step back to rest up. But now I'm restless and ready to get back into a routine.

Finally starting on the Spartacus Workout DVDs that were part of an AWESOME birthday gift from Joy (thanks Joy!). I just want to spend some time getting my body back in the habit of daily workouts.

This next project is called #SunsOutGunsOut! That's what Summer is all about, right? Being able to survive this Texas heat by wearing shorts and tank tops. Up until last month, I'd never been comfortable in tank tops. That is all changing, and my goal this summer is to wear tank tops like they're going out of fashion.

So here's to relighting the pilot light. I may have stalled, but I'm not down for the count. Time to start making sacrifices in the now for what I really want in the future.

Days in red are my weigh in days. I didn't create any of the routines on this calendar. It's a combination of The Abs Diet, BodyRock.TV/The Daily HiitZuzana Light's ZWOWs, Men's Health Spartacus Workout, and my cousin's creative genius.

I am in no way, shape, form, or fashion an exercise or diet or nutrition expert. I'm simply sharing with y'all what I'm doing this summer to get in shape. I do not recommend that you attempt anything I'm doing. I do, however, suggest that if you like the routines, look into them for yourselves. And please, consult a doctor before you begin any fitness regimen.

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