Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weapons Training - First Video!

In keeping with my Spartacus theme for February, today was the first day I had a bit of "weapons training" thrown into the workout mix. They use all kinds of weapons on the show, and today I decided to start with my machete.

Yes, I have a machete. =)

I spent a lot of time the past few days looking up sword positions and shoulder stretches. I put together a 7min warm-up and MAN are my shoulders and arms sore!

Most of the video are variations on Indian Club routines and the latter half is pieces of Aikido sword fighting positions. Like I said, I put this together for fun. Please don't think this is an instructional video! I have had ZERO formal training in Martial Arts. I'm not a fan of hand-to-hand combat, but I would like to take a sword or stick fighting class in the future!

Anyway, here it is. The next "weapons training" video will either be a hammer (two handed) or a stick. =) Sorry it's so boring! I'll try to make the next one more exciting!

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