Monday, February 11, 2013

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!

Today's routine is one that I've done at three times before. The first time was June 12th, and I completed 3 rounds in 31:33min. The second time was July 21st, I didn't finish on this day but did two rounds in 17:33min, which was definitely on pace to beat the first one. Third time was August 7th, and I finished 3 rounds in 26:02, which was the best one...

Until today.

Today I absolutely KILLED all my previous times. ON TOP OF best my times, I did an extra round and was STILL FASTER than the first time I'd done this routine!!!!!!!!!!!! My fastest time today is 1:26 faster than my previous best from Aug 7th.

I feel pretty great right now! I'd also like to point out that the June routine was modified, where I was doing burpees and the pendulums from an 18in platform instead of off the ground.

As our President says, let me be clear: I fully expected to beat 31:33 when I walked into the garage this afternoon, even with the extra round. This new-found confidence in my abilities is kinda awesome. I've got to make sure it bleeds into other aspects of my life.

There just aren't enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to convey how happy am I at this moment. =)

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